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Problems Solved


Minority Sales Corporation, LLC is a sales representative firm, selling for a select group of minority owned businesses.

We form long term relationships with Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) so we can do a very good job for them of professional relationship selling to large corporate customers.


We work for the MBE suppliers, and they pay us a commission after the sale.

Our target customers are large corporations for whom supplier diversity is an important corporate objective.


Our goal is to help them efficiently accomplish their objectives.

We believe that more business can be done between minority suppliers and large corporations.


Often the problem is not a lack of supply or demand; often the problem is in the buying/selling process.

Please explore our web site and contact us to discuss how we might work together.


If you are a diverse supplier, perhaps we can help you sell or help you establish a strategic alliance with a large corporation to expand your capacity.

If you are a large corporation we would be happy to help you find a diverse supplier for a specific commodity that you are currently looking for, and also to get to know your organization so we can bring you good ideas. We are also interested in discussing how you might gain a competitive advantage in selling your products by forming a strategic alliance with a certified minority owned firm.

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